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Brenda Schertz, CDI


Brenda Schertz is currently a senior lecturer at Cornell teaching ASL. She has also worked as an adjunct instructor and lecturer covering topics of ASL, Deaf studies and Interpreting at Northeastern University, Emerson, University of Southern Maine (USM), NTID and most recently at the University of Rochester. Brenda has been teaching a week-long summer intensive Certified Deaf Interpreter Knowledge Exam Preparation workshops since 2004, and has been a certified interpreter since 2008. She was a part of the team developing NCIEC’s Deaf Interpreter Curriculum. Ms. Schertz served on the board of the American Sign Language Teacher Association as the Chapters chair, 2015-2017, and currently is serving as the Northeast Region Representative since 2017.

Rupert Dubler, CDI


Rupert has worked in the ASL and interpreting field since 2004. He has been interpreting since 2014 and has interpreted over 2,000+ billable hours in addition to pro bono work in all settings including medical, legal, and social services. Rupert has also provided workshops and presentations to both the Deaf community and the interpreter community. In the past, Rupert routinely contracted with and scheduled freelance interpreters and is familiar with business practices in the interpreting profession. He has authored the Business Practices component of this training. Rupert also co-taught this intensive training with Brenda Schertz since 2016.

John Dunleavy, CDI

Image of John Dunleavy

John currently works as a freelance interpreter and translator in Rochester, NY, where he has lived since 2015. Prior to that, he worked in Deaf Services and Independent Living in Maine from 2001 to 2015, often translating documents into ASL for Deaf consumers. He has taught Deaf consumers and interpreters in academic and community venues, including a sight translation course for interpreters at the University of Southern Maine (USM). Before Maine, he taught English as a Second Language courses at DEAF, Inc. in Boston, as well as computer classes for the Massachusetts State Association of the Deaf. He is looking forward to further work with Ms. Schertz, to whom he has been married for upward of 25 years.

Rich resources...

"If you are looking for a boot camp style of CDI workshop, this is the one to take! Rich resources, relevant materials and valuable networking. You will not be disappointed!"

- Alyson, Wisconsin

Outgoing and professional...

“Brenda and Rupert were fantastic, outgoing and professional! The week-long workshop loaded with informative materials was eye-opening. They made the training interesting and generated some thought-provoking discussions which I took with me. The group dynamics was impressive.
Never a dull moment in there!”

- Susan, New York

Engaging activities...

“Impressive!! Well structured and thoroughly put together with plenty of engaging activities, questions/answers, and meaningful debates for all of the participants.
The 2 presenters were highly knowledgeable and an awesome team!"

- Terri, New York

Excellent course...

“This is an excellent course for those new to the CDI field. Taking this course will allow you to have a good insight into what is involved in the field and what steps are necessary to prepare yourself for this role."

- Julia, New York

Fast and highly-committed...

“This program benefits people with the fast and highly-committed lifestyle that includes little free time for any professional developments. For those who want to achieve deaf interpreting field in a short time should consider in taking this concise deaf interpreting program. This program will enhance the knowledge & skill based within deaf interpreting and prepare what's to come once you decide to pursue deaf interpreting profession!"

- Sean, New York

Outstanding instructors...

“For busy people, such as myself, I found this week-long training to be beneficial and informative. I was able to fit this immersion course into my schedule and focus entirely on the content and apply the Deaf Interpreting modules to practical situations during this course. Professional trainers and speakers, and Certified Working Deaf Interpreters, Rupert Dubler and Brenda Schertz, are outstanding instructors. Rochester is fortunate to have these “experts” in this field! I would highly recommend this well-built course to anyone else who wants to learn step-by-step skills and foundations of Deaf Interpreting in a most productive way!!"

- Kim, New York

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