Please note that this is the OLD curriculum, which is now under revision.



Our hybrid training (face-to-face and online) covers the knowledge and the skills that participants need to pass the RID CDI Knowledge (written) Exam. This training builds upon the Deaf Interpreting curriculum developed by the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers (NCIEC) in collaboration with a team of the top CDIs in the United States.

The NCIEC DI curriculum consists of six modules

Deaf Interpreters—
Past, Present, & Future

Ethnic & Cultural Diversity within the Deaf Community

Consumer Assessment—Identifying Culture, Language, and Communication Styles

Ethical Considerations
and Challenges for
Deaf Interpreters

Interpreting Theory &
Practice for Deaf Interpreters

Deaf/Hearing & Deaf/Deaf Interpreter Teams

In addition to covering the above curriculum materials, our workshop includes the following

ASL translations of select readings (online)

Hands-on practice opportunities

Business practices

Practice exam materials

Special topics

To complete this comprehensive and immersive training, all participants are expected to complete, at their own pace, 30 to 40 hours of online viewings and readings, which includes group video discussions. This is required prior to joining the face-to-face workshop.


Workshop materials will be available in advance. Face-to-face workshop participants are expected to complete homework assignments on most days, including but not limited to summarizing, in class, the content of presentations assigned during the workshop.

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